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The AKonsult Network is managed by Dr. Agnieszka Jankowska.

Dr. Agnieszka Jankowska
Dr. Giuseppe Colucci
Dr. Mauro Giachettii
Mr. François de Lacharrière
Dr. Hans-Georg Eisenwiener
Mr. Jim Reid

Profile of Dr. Agnieszka Jankowska:

  • Studies at Vienna University - 1984 Dr. phil. in Political Science and International Law - and at The Johns Hopkins University, Bolgona, Italy and Washington, D.C., USA - 1986 Master of Arts in International Economics and East Asian Studies
  • 12 years of industry experience based in Italy at Montedison SpA, Recordati SpA, Prodotti Roche SpA, Italy and in Switzerland at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • Member of Licensing Executive Society (LES)
  • (Formerly) Member of EDMA (European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association), Brussels
  • (Formerly) Chairperson of EDMA's Central Europe Working Party
  • Alumni Association of The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Polish, some Japanese


Profile of Dr. Giuseppe Colucci:

  • Received his MD and PhD in Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Tract from the University of Milan in 1980 and 1983
  • Since 1993, Manager of Scientific Affairs at Roche Molecular Systems (RMS), presently at Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Genetics at the University of Milano
  • Prior to 1993, Scientific Director of the Fondazione di Patologia Molecolare at the University of Milano, Italy
  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Cornell University Medical College, New York, USA
  • Author of more than 40 publications in international scientific journals
  • Member of the Italian, European, and American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases


Profile of Dr. Mauro Giachetti:

  • Studies at University of Pisa – 1977 Dr. in Industrial Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 25 years of multinational Marketing and Sales experience in Clinical Diagnostics Industry (immunology, virology, bacteriology, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics
  • Headed the Sales and Marketing function at Becton Dickinson & Company in Italy from 1980-86 and from 1995-98, in Japan from 1987-92, in France from 1992-93, in Germany from 1993-94, in Spain from 1994-95
  • Headed the Diagnostic Group Italy & Export of Amplimedical Spa from 2001-03
  • Medical Marketing Management Diploma at UCLA-USA (1984) and Management School Diploma at MCE –Brussels-Belgium (1985)
  • Tokyo University : Seminars on Japanese working and business system (1988-1991)
  • Harvard Business School Master Course (1993) and Bocconi University General Management Course (1996)
  • PriceWaterHouseCoopers Master Course on Company Valuation -London -UK (1998)
  • Member of American Society for Microbiology since 1992


Profile of François de Lacharrière:

  • Studies of Law at University of Paris
  • Marketing of industrial products at Produits Roche, France
  • Director of Laboratoires Stallergenes S.A.
  • 15 years active as Director of Industrial Relations for the Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • President of Supervisory Board of Axcell Biotechnologies, St. Genis l'Argentière


Profile of Dr. Hans-Georg Eisenwiener:

  • Studies of Chemistry and Physical Chemistry at the University of Mainz - 1969 Dr. rer.nat. in Physical Chemistry - Dissertation about stopped flow apparatus on fast reaction kinetics of glucoseoxidase from " Penicillium notatum "
  • 1969-70 Head of the clinical routine laboratory at the University Clinic for Neurology and Psychology in Göttingen
  • Since 1972 Clinical Chemist with the approval to run a routine clinical laboratory
  • 29 years of industry experience at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd Switzerland managing the diagnostics research and development function, leading the process from R to manufacturing to marketing and assessing new third party technologies and products for incorporation into Roche ' s portfolio.
  • Member of the Swiss, German and American Association of Clinical Chemistry
  • Delegated Expert for Working Groups within the German Association of Diagnostic Manufacturers (VDGH), of DIN, CEN and IFCC


Profile of Mr. Jim Reid:

  • Studied Biochemistry in Glasgow and gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, London.
  • 27 years international industrial experience with Organon, Roche, Chiron, Trinity Biotech and Axis-Shield.
  • Currently Managing Partner at ChimaeraBio, a specialist Management Consultancy with a range of clients in the biosciences sector.
  • Member of the Programme Management Committee for the EU Concerted Action programme on standardisation of molecular virology.
  • Established and Chairs Industrial Liaison Committee to the above EU programme which includes representatives from Abbott, Bayer, bioMerieux, Chiron, Organon and Roche.
  • Board member of the following companies: Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems, Remedios (www.remedios.uk.com) and QCMD.
  • Member of the European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV).