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Patents, licensing and legal matters are vital to business success. It is therefore essential that companies structure this area in optimal fit to their business development strategy. This is particularly true in the complex field of biotechnology, where many key inventions (such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction) have been patented. The necessary patent licenses can have a significant impact on product costs and make accurate "freedom-to-operate" assessments vital for business success.

International business development has to take into account national differences, also with respect to the management of intellectual property assets. There can be many pitfalls but also a wealth of opportunities in developing the adequate strategies for collaborations with third parties.

From contact to contract

Strategy formulation on the basis of the client ' s business objectives

Products, current and new technologies are analysed, development options are evaluated and rated in consideration of the competitive market environment. A strategy is tailor made for your company's needs and will address optimal value generation under the given conditions, as well as types of co-operation and commercial deals possible, their geographical scope and time plans.

AKonsult search

Partnering service

We prepare the communication tools and business proposals and actively search for suitable business partners. We perform the commercial due diligence to support you in your assessment of a partner.

We identify companies who have the desired competence and qualifications in relation to your business strategy. In a due diligence process performed jointly with the client, a possible partner's product and technology portfolio, know-how, market penetration and development potential are assessed and then contact is established on behalf of the client.

AKonsult advice

Consulting service

We draft the relevant agreements, give advice and coach you during negotiations.

AKonsult tools

Procurement service

To allow transfer of know-how into your organization, we can provide for a variety of management tools important for operating a licensing and business development function, such as an external support system for product clearance, or for the monitoring third party patent rights; we can advise you about license administration and post-contract management (see Presentations - ZfU article); and support you in the management of commercial litigation by choosing the patent and litigation councels who can best serve your business needs.

How AKonsult works

Typical assignment set-up

Outline of project unresolved business issue, or business development goals of the client. AKonsult prepares first working proposal. Fine-tuning with the client of reachable objectives. AKonsult's tasks and responsibilities, timing and costs are defined. This results in a Workplan and a Consulting Agreement. AKonsult initiates the implementation phase and delivers progress reports and feedback as agreed. In an iterative process, control of the quality of the quality of the results rendered by AKonsult is performed as the project matures from the stage of a business idea, business proposal, contact, through to a contract creating value for the client company.