Marketing Services

The following areas are covered by the competences which reside within AKonsult and are carried out in collaboration with Dr. Mauro Giachetti:

Diagnostic Market Opportunity Analysis

AKonsult can undertake an extensive and in depth market opportunity analysis with respect to a given diagnostic product or a specified analytical system in the areas of Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology or Molecular Biology.

A preliminary analysis covering market acceptance and related opportunities can be carried-out either for a specific national market of interest or for a geographical group of markets (Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East).

This market opportunity analysis can be expanded to include a market positioning analysis for a given product or analytical system, in order to provide the client company with indications of the most promising market segment to choose. Key elements of the marketing mix including price analysis is provided, as well as recommendations of the appropriate distribution channel(s) and distribution strategy.

Diagnostic Customer Needs Analysis

AKonsult can develop a customer needs analysis for a diagnostic product or system of interest to a client company. In addition to direct contacts with diagnostic laboratories in a various European and non-European countries, strong contacts have been established with scientific associations. In our customer contacts, we focus in addition to Laboratory Directors and personnel also on Administrative Directors and General Managers of Public or Private Health Care Institutions.

Diagnostic Distribution Channel Analysis

AKonsult offers the service to perform an "as-is analysis" of the current distribution channel performance of a client company in order to optimize return on product development investments. Improvements and expansion of the distribution portfolio are proposed to the client company aftdr having identified suitable distribution partners for any specific Diagnostic market segment.

Further assistance can be offered to follow up the activity and the performance of a selected distributor.

Diagnostic Company Assessment

A very important and critical service, in line with today's Diagnostic market situation and the trends is AKonsult's ability to offer a client company the competence of strategically and financially evaluating a possible diagnostics company either for a potential to merge or for a market share acquisition. Planning and implementing such transactions will be performed in line with the client company's strategic objectives.