AKonsult Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It is our goal to help to shape deals where both partners are in a win-win position. „Problems are to be solved, and not to worry us !" A constructive and creative approach, a true strive to create added value and competitive advantage for our clients are our driving force.

Core Skills

Our core skill is the development of solutions for international co-operative ventures, be it in form of patent licenses (in-out), be it in the form of research, manufacturing, or marketing and distribution agreements. We have experience in drafting contract language protective of specific business goals. We can provide an opinion considering the intellectual property rights of third parties and the related competitive forces which will help you to determine the time value of a planned development in a foreign market or a new product area.

Our involvement in the management of licensing, business development, legal and patent functions in multinational and medium size businesses allows us to undertake intellectual property evaluations for the purpose of in- our out licensing, or in view of filing patent applications. We can shape a successful marketing strategy for the commercialisation of your intellectual property assets and set up a contract management system (reporting, payments, termination). We can assess and co-ordinate intellectual property right enforcement in the various national jurisdiction and grant advice or mediate in the settlement of disputes.

Competent Advice

Competent advice starts with the first contact between AKonsult and a prospective client. We will discuss and describe the opportunities your company can tap on to resolve a given business issue, and to reach the strategic goals at this very point in time of your company's life. We will not avoid discussing limitations and difficulties to be overcome, and will endeavour to understand your specific objectives, needs, and expectations with regard to a business development plan, an intellectual property assessment, a contract negotiation, or a licensing project. On the basis of this discussion, AKonsult will provide a first offer to undertake the discussed activities.

Clear Concept

The first step to successfully accomplish a given project is to provide a clear concept of how the business objectives can be reached. We will make sure to be in line with your understanding of the business at stake, and to implement the project according to your objectives and business needs.

Creative Implementation, Quality, and Durable Results

The core of a successful assignment lies in the implementation. Based on your feedback needs, we will inform you step-by-step about the implementation. You will have ample chances to influence results by redressing our focus if needed. Sometimes we will surprise you by offering a new way forward - by collaborating with a competitor, or by out-licensing selectively a core technology to foster market penetration - and the thought-process, the external contacts, and the serious manoeuvre-critique afterwards will give you the certainty that a good decision has been implemented.

Professional Coaching

Completion of a project, be it by signature of an agreement, or by a go/non-go decision with respect to a given product, market, or development plan, is not an end-point. AKonsult is available to aid you in the contract implementation phase, to signalise trigger points when contracts may need to be adapted, to help you in the re-negotiation of agreements which have been surpassed by the facts of the market, or to advise you about the suitable termination of agreements which have become „silent " and are not any more of business use to your company.

AKonsult ' s Special Skills

AKonsult disposes of a network of partners in related business areas, which network can be put to optimal use for AKonsult ' s clients.